Revolutionary UX

Why a Joomla page can be built so fast? Because this tool is so easy to use!

Live-like visual editor

JSN PageBuilder brings to Joomla visual editing capabilities previously available only in hi-end website building system like Wix. A true ?what you see is what you get? experience.

Intuitive element settings

All elements settings are arranged in smart inspector panel for quick and convenient access. No more wasting time and clicks on popup windows. Just move and drag mouse to configure.

Joomla integrated

JSN PageBuilder was built as native Joomla editor plugin, so basically wherever you can use TinyMCE, you can use JSN PageBuilder.

Enjoy visual editing right in article editing screen

With JSN PageBuilder, you can enjoy visual editing directly in Joomla article editing screen. And it?s not just article, but also modules and 3-rd party extensions.

Works out-of-the-box with your current template

JSN PageBuilder was designed to enhance content editing process, preserving all the power of Joomla template and extensions installed on your website.

Powerful elements

A page builder is nothing without rich building blocks.

Rich content element

JSN PageBuilder is shipped with 37 powerful elements for you to build virtually any kind of pages including ?Company profile?, ?Product details?, ?Contact us?, etc.

Joomla content

You can present not only static content like text or video, but also those dynamically pulled from database like Joomla articles, modules and even 3-rd party extensions.

Front-end editing

You can edit your article directly on front-end with native Joomla front-end editing mechanism. Just login with appropriate access permission and start editing your article.

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